Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First in-take session, a glowing success!

Howdy there,

           Last Friday we held our first Police Profiling in-take session here at CIO. We had 20 or so people register to come through our online sign-up and many many more came to the event!

          We had the tables set up and snacks out so while people waited for their interviews, they were able to talk about their experiences of police profiling and abuse and ORGANIZE to create change!

Some of the participants

We had awesome community leaders stop by. 
The maven behind the Portland Campaign to End the New Jim Crow, Jo Ann Hardesty

          I even got the chance to get a picture with the Midge Purcell, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy at the Urban League of Portland.
Me and Midge

              Special thanks go out to the Oregon Justice Resource Center, particular Bobbin and the many student-clerks who documented the stories we gathered.

Student-clerk and Charlotte of CIO

Promise to post more next week!

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